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Swan Stonarts is a leading monument wholesaler, proudly serving the memorialization industry with the highest quality products and services for the past 25+ years. 

The Swan Stonarts difference starts with our stone. Our customers trust our memorials to serve as everlasting tributes because we guarantee our products. We internationally source the highest quality granite and marble, and we work with world class artisans to ensure exceptional stone and superior craftsmanship.

We put innovation at the forefront of our products. At Swan Stonarts, we look at industry trends, foresee our customers’ needs, and innovate. In an industry that’s being disrupted by memorialization via cremation, Swan Stonarts is the highest patent-holding company in the memorial industry for cremation — allowing us to provide the most innovative products to serve this industry’s changing needs.

With a large range of products in stock, see how our industry-seasoned staff can serve you from two distribution centers in Bryan, Texas and Elberton, Georgia.

Contact Us

If you are an organization dedicated to providing everlasting memorial tributes to families, we would appreciate the opportunity to provide you with exceptional products and unmatched service. 

Please note, we are a wholesale company only. If you are a consumer interested in our memorial products, feel free to contact us and we will gladly put you in touch with a trusted retailer near you.