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4 niche Columbarium with alcove

Cremation Solutions

We put innovation at the forefront of our products. At Swan Stonarts, we look at industry trends, foresee our customers’ needs, and innovate.

For an industry that’s being disrupted by memorialization via cremation, we have found that cremation products being offered to Monument Retailers, Funeral Homes, and Cemeteries/Crematories remained tasteless with few options. 

In the last 10-15 years, the desire for beautiful cremation monuments and products across the U.S. has seen an exponential increase. By observing these trends and understanding our customers’ needs, Swan Stonarts has created various innovative, patented, and affordable cremation solutions that uniquely serve this industry.


Includes granite urn vaults and our unique, patented granite urn vases — one of our most popular products.

Cremation Markers

Includes portable cremation markers, cremation bevel markers, and bronze cremation marker.

Cremation Benches

Cremation benches can hold up to 4 cremation capsules and can be used as a memorial or can accompany any memorial.

Cremation Monument Set

Maximize your customer’s memorial by creating a Cremation Monument using Swan Stonarts’ Patented Cremation Base®.


Includes book, twin doves, lotus bird bath, cross in hands, angel, and more.


Our Lock & Key technology ensures security for each niche from 1 niche private to 500+ niche community columbarium projects.