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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve been selling granite monuments to the retail monument industry since 1994. Our partner company, Swan Stonarts, LTD in India has been in the granite quarrying and monument business for over 35 years.

We supply monuments, turned and special vases, markers, benches, pavers, veterans memorials, custom projects, and now our newest division of cremation products.

As a wholesaler, we sell to the monument/memorial industry. We do not sell to the public directly. Public who are interested in our products can contact us and we will gladly provide a list of memorialists in your area.

Granite and marble come in many colors and grades. Selecting the appropriate stone for memorials requires careful consideration. Most of our imports come from our partner company, Swan Stonarts, LTD in India which has 35 years of quarrying and manufacturing experience dedicated totally to the memorial industry. This allows us to choose only the best and consistent grade granite and marble throughout the world that is suitable for memorials.

We ship ordered granite monuments from India directly to our distribution centers in Houston, Dallas, Conroe, Kansas City, Minneapolis, and Elberton. We are the only granite monument wholesale supplier that ships directly from India to several cities here in the United States. 

Having distribution centers at various locations makes pickup or trucking more convenient and also minimizes trucking costs. Memorialists can also choose from our inventory which is ready for shipment from College Station.

Most monument orders take about 90-120 days to receive. This time frame depends on several factors such as complexity, shipping/rail delays, or any U.S. Customs/USDA holds which can delay the container arriving to one of our distribution centers. Memorials inventoried in College Station are available for immediate shipment.

Your orders are consolidated with others and shipped in a container to the distribution center that is closest to your location. By combining them with other customer orders in the area, we are able to keep your trucking cost down. In addition, we consolidate both inventoried memorials in College Station with the memorial arriving from overseas to keep your trucking cost low.

Yes we do keep stock monuments in the U.S., at our home office in College Station, Texas. We keep several granite memorials, markers, benches, single crypt mausoleums, and vases. In addition, we keep our newest line of personalized cremation bags, capsules and other cremation products.

The granite memorial colors that we inventory are: India colors: Absolute Black, Dark Red, Dark Blue (aka, Bahama Blue), Swan Mist, and Cats Eye. Other Colors include: China Gray (benches and markers), and Blue Pearl (markers only).

Additional colors available for vases are: Dakota Mahogany, North American Pink (aka Morning Rose), Salisbury Pink, Elberton and Barre Gray match, Impala black, Flash black and Cherokee Marble.

We start with our business mission statement which is to supply the best memorials consistently, and give our customers the best value and delivery time possible. Choosing the right block from the quarry is the primary issue to maintain the quality of the memorial. Many blocks suitable for countertop manufacturing cannot be used for memorials. By partnering with the leader in quarry, block trade, and manufacture, we are able to choose only the best and consistent color granite suitable for the memorial industry.

Second, our customers expect that custom designed memorials when ordered should arrive with minimum surprises. Our design team’s effective liaisons between the customer and the manufacturer ensure that custom design monuments are cut right.

Third, when memorials are shipped 10,000 miles by sea, superior packaging and handling are required for the memorial to safely reach the customer. We have excelled in this area. The memorial industry is quite particular about the quality of the stone that they must sell, but it is the choice of the retailer where they buy their finished memorial product. We are about service in all phases of the process, not just the ones where we make profit. We see the customer being crucial to our business, and take great care in serving their needs and maintaining a long term relationship.

No color or finish enhancements are used on our granite at any time during or after manufacture. Memorials received from Swan Stonarts are at their natural color and texture. We prefer to let the memorial be at its best: natural as it is quarried.

We select the best granite blocks from the start, then follow up with experienced manufacture and mirror-like polish using several levels of diamond pads. For example, stones cut for granite countertops can have less quality hidden by cosmetic processes like adding bitumen during polish or wax dip after polish to hide imperfections like cracks and enhance the look. In the monument industry, similar processes are still done by some and most customers are unaware that their stone has had some kind of enhancement. The problem with these enhancements is that they wear off. Black granite memorial at the time of purchase might seem darker or may have an extra “shiny” polish, but when this enhancement wears off it will not look like its original appearance. It is Swan Stonarts’ policy not to do any enhancements to the natural color and texture of the granite.

This is an easy question to answer because there are many examples that prove this an incorrect assumption. One example is diamonds: are all diamonds the same? Diamonds are quarried from the earth and each stone varies in quality. Similarly are all granite quarries and blocks the same?

There are certain areas to select granite where the consistency and reliability is better. Certainly some are distinguished by the different colors in the area, but they can be graded, or named, by the unique color that they are and/or be graded as good, better, or best within that particular quarry or area. We choose the best quality granite for all our monuments, no matter which color, and more importantly where they are the most consistent.